School PACS and other non-profit organizations


  • PAC 101

Parent involvement spans the continuum from entering a school to providing leadership. The ongoing need for parental involvement is critical yet difficult to facilitate.  What makes a PAC work well? How do you recruit new parents?

When is it time to leave as a PAC Officer? This session will help a PAC develop an organizational chart, job descriptions, duties and responsibilities of members and an ongoing recruitment program.

  • PAC FINANCES – Unfolding the Mystery

Financial management is an important function of every PAC and yet a mystery surrounds this area of PAC responsibility. Come into the computer era of financial record keeping.  Learn how to be on top of your finances on a daily basis.  Familiarize yourself with tax refunds, school resource allocation, funding, and gaming and other items.

  • EFFECTIVE MEETINGS : The constitution, Robert’s rules
    and Committee Work

All PACS are required to have a constitution.  This workshop will explore
the 5 W’S of your constitution and how it either works for you or against you!
You will obtain an understanding of the importance of following your constitution, making changes, and what you can do if you find yourself in violation of your constitution.  Who should be a member of your PAC?
What are the duties and responsibilities of each position?
Who can vote and who sits as a contributing but non-voting member?
Does your organizational chart work?

  • STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND – Parenting the Cyber age

Have you googled your child lately? No? You might be surprised! This educational workshop will bring the common online arenas that children are using today face to face with their parents and provide valuable information for parents regarding the internet. Parents will be introduced to facebook, nexopia, myspace and other arenas. Learn to help children “surf safe”!  Questions and comments will be welcome during the presentation and hopefully the information presented will spark and open forum discussion! This is a practical hard hitting and realistic seminar for parents.


Proper financial recording for non-profit associations.  Seminar stresses need of accurate records in the financial management arena.  Understanding financial statements and budgeting is covered.  Manual versus computerized systems is reviewed.  Discussion of general and gaming funds allows the listener to understand the need for correct coding of purchases.