All coaching is confidential and done on the phone or in person whichever is the most appropriate for you. We are experienced coaches that offer coaching individually, for business professionals, and for teams.  Our coaching is reasonably priced and conducted by individuals selected to meet your needs based on their experiences and

pers-20063062Executive Coaching
Want to discuss issues with someone in a confidential way? Someone without their own agenda about what you are doing and deciding, a sounding board without an attachment to the outcome. Being coached by someone outside your organization can free you up for some real open conversation, specific feedback and an accountability partner. This one on one coaching can be time flexible and done on the phone or in person.

Leadership Coaching
We work with leaders to support their individual success and support their work with the teams they lead. Core competencies, effective strategies and techniques for success are among the common areas for leadership coaching.

Business Coaching
How is your business going? Do you want to take it to the next level?
Our coaches all have our own experience in coaching and building individual businesses. We will help you see where you are at, build your business strategy and implement plans for success.

Performance Coaching
In today’s world being a technical expert doesn’t get you everything you want in your career. We recognize the need for successful behaviours, appropriate conflict management and good communication skills for high performance in the working world. With coaching in these areas you will be ready for other opportunities and promotions in the work place.

Team Coaching
So many organizations today use teams to facilitate the plans they have to realize their corporate strategies. Coaching can be done with the team as a whole or as individual members. It is also done in some teams using both strategies during the same time frame.

Personal Coaching
Do you have a big decision to make? Are you looking to change careers, vying for a promotion or raise, going back to school, trying to stay focused despite personal distractions? Coaching to your personal agenda and receiving direct feedback strengthens relationships, supports ideas and plans and is a personal partner for you. Do you need daily contact – a friend with knowledge?

Shadow Coaching
Looking for some direct feedback about your day to day interactions and communications? How about your time uses and choice of activities. Shadow coaching is having a coach spend time with you in your work day, in your space and environment. Then spending time together looking at how your choices and interactions affect your career performance. Shadow coaching is an excellent venue for some direct, specific and clear feedback from someone that has no personal agenda around how you function.

Daily Coaching Support
Do you need daily support?  Feeling anxious? Business concerns wearing you down? Need a boost to set your goals and targets – we provide daily support.  Motivational, guided, and empathetic coaching.