Business Consulting

Assessment, data gathering, summary, analysis and feedback. Assessments are used to determine how individuals in the workplace view elements of their current operating environment (i.e. communication, leadership, goals, decision-making, and change readiness). The result is a snapshot of all the variables that must be dealt with in order to ensure that any change is successful. We provide consultation to diagnose organizational issues and design collaborative processes that engage people in the resolution of any identified issues.

Planning for Change:
Planning for Strategic Change Management using tailored planning processes to give meaning, purpose, direction and focus to an organization’s work. We partner with our clients to define and articulate the processes and strategies required to bridge the gap between “Where you are now” and “Where you want to go”.

Enhancing your social media profile:
Looking to enhance, change, or develop your public profile.  Be seen and be heard.

Building Competence:
Building Competence in change management principles and methodology.  An organic human relations approach is taken to build in systems for effective change.

Developing People:
Developing People to prepare for and enable effective participation in change at all levels of the organization.  To lead employees’ expectations for learning, employers must focus not simply on providing opportunities, but on communicating the organization’s commitment and intention to develop people, i.e. new leadership competencies, conflict management skills, communication skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, mediation skills, stress management skills, conducting effective meetings, and harassment awareness.

System Development:
Systems include a variety of mechanisms intended to support people in accomplishing their work and the mission of the organization. All systems must be aligned to identify and encourage behaviour compatible with the change vision. We can assist organizations in the design and/or redesign of systems, i.e. performance management systems, total rewards and compensation systems, supply chain management systems, competency-based models, information/communication systems and organizational policies and procedures.