Change is an ongoing challenge for individuals and companies.  For some, change invokes fear, reluctance, or opposition and this can often prevent forward movement.

final_MMatak Group is an association of consultants that focuses on assisting people and organizations as they face change in their business and personal lives. We help organizations learn how to manage and sustain change as part of the continuous process of improvement, renewal and transformation. We help individuals face change and find pathways to success.             We specialize in non-profit associations and organizations developing programs that enhance their profitability, fundraising and productivity.
Our individual and small business coaching service is practical, affordable, goal oriented with clear deadlines.
Our value system includes developing positive relationships with our individual and corporate clientele.  We believe in working with our client to find the fastest and most effective solution to obtain results.

Our uniqueness is our understanding of various disabilities and how to work within their constraints. Our firm provides twenty years of experience reorganizing and restructuring small companies. We work collaboratively with our clients. We bring our insights, experience and expertise to help individuals and organizations.

We are affordable for both the non-profit and small business owner.  Working with investigative insight we can accurately diagnose both people and organization “problems”.  We help find solutions that work for all parties involved. The principles of our success include collaboration, integrity, confidentiality, and detailed reporting.

The president of our organization  has owned several small businesses and is completely familiar with staffing problems, training issues, business survival in changing demands, energy drains, restructuring in the midst of operations, operations management, and viability planning.
Her work in the non-profit sector has shown her the need for proper board training, understanding of duties and expectations of time, volunteer management and long term survival of non-profit boards.